Portfolio > Discursive Demarcations

This work explores the boundaries and architecture around, between and within people. Inspired by city maps, honeybee navigation charts and human genome maps, references also extend into tracking methods of larger group identities, conflating the boundaries of the body with geographic boundaries, underscoring the inauthenticity of maps that can never tell a complete story and the reduction of an individual to a genetic map. A map of Chicago was the catalyst for Vouchers, which also references illuminated manuscripts, a grand contrast to the important stories swept under the rug in anonymous representations of people’s lives. My use of found paper fragments emphasizes these tectonic shifts in the transition between areas that are cut, torn and sanded, placed comfortably, and sections that are manipulated more in the tradition of marquetry, revealing a seam rather than overlap.

sanded paper and gold leaf
40 x 40"
In Sum
mixed media on wood
13 x 25"
For Instance (This Shoreline)
sanded paper
23 x 29"
Even Though (No Refuge)
sanded paper, acrylic paint, ink, drafting film
25 x 42"
sanded paper
24 x 24"
At Any Rate
sanded paper, ink, drafting film