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Pantheon Wave was a large-scale temporary installation at the Hyde Park Art Center in Chicago. This is one body of work which grew out of research spent in Rome as a visiting artist. The original references are my photographs that focused on stains, cracks, and refuse as well as architecture. I was exploring the tension between the iconic religious architecture of Rome and the beauty of the detritus and living city in which it resides. I created a series of drawings using masking tape to render these structures. Eventually, I omitted the powdered graphite originally employed to delineate the image, so that the majority of these images are made with masking tape alone. The site provided intense natural illumination to expose the image.
I started thinking of the masking tape pieces as husks of their former selves; perhaps referencing the capricious nature of belief, and personal responses that are out of our control based on a history that always remains as a trace.